Alec is furious that people could think he sold Derek the holiday because he knew about the bankruptcy. He considers suing Rita for slander. The Wiltons spend a second night at the airport. Mavis wants to go home but Derek insists on waiting to see if there's news. Rita tells Alec she'll believe his innocence when he convinces the Wiltons. Ken tells Deirdre to be careful of Phil - he's using an assumed name. Deirdre tells him that he's pathetic. Alec is sick of everyone's snide remarks and goes to the airport to make the Wiltons see that he hasn't conned them but they turn on him. Phil tells Deirdre that he changed his name from Smith when he came out of prison. Deirdre admires his honesty. Alec drives the Wiltons home but when they continue to blame him, he loses his temper and dumps them on the roadside. Jackie asks Mike to attend a conference in Harrogate with her for a few days. Ken thinks Deirdre is a fool for standing by Phil. The Wiltons return home by taxi to find that they've been burgled.


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  • The scene where Alec pulls over and throws the Wiltons and their luggage out of his car was recorded at Princess Road / A5103, opposite the entrance to Whitechurch Road in Manchester. The junction where Alec stops the vehicle, removed since 1990, led into a car park for the Hough End playing fields.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ken has news that he feels will change Deirdre’s attitude towards Phil Jennings.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,700,000 viewers (9th place - combined figure including repeat).
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