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Alec realises that he'll only be able to sell the £1,200 holiday for £600. Sally wants to apologise to Jenny but Kevin thinks she was right. Mavis interests Derek in the holiday. He agrees to take her but Alec tries to bump the price up to £700. Des offers £750 for the holiday - cash - and Alec sells it to him. Tracy is unsure about Deirdre going out with Phil Jennings. Jenny and Sally make up. Bet feels Alec cheated the Wiltons out of a holiday. Phil tells Deirdre that PJ Leisure is going to provide new strips for all of the school teams. Ken sees Phil's car outside No.1 again and Tracy tells him it's do to with school. Alec sells the holiday to Derek for £800. Kevin is annoyed at Sally apologising to Jenny as he defended her to Mark. They agree to forget the whole thing. Steph rows with the Wiltons in the Street over the holiday. Derek tells Bet he paid Alec £800 - she thought it was £600. Deirdre tells Ken why Phil was at the house.


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