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Sandra Rogers is not pleased that Mike is now general manager. Kevin teases Mark about turning twenty-one. Alma is proud of Mike for landing on his feet but her bragging about it to all and sundry causes irritation. Bet looks forward to her holiday in Madeira. Rita suggests she go shopping in London beforehand. Jenny tells Rita that she was thrown off the course when she urges her to change her mind about packing it in. Deirdre tackles the arcade manager, Dean Lockwood, about letting underage kids in and gets a lot of cheek. She tells him that she's going to stop him. Mike gives Sandra a telling-off for not putting an advert for a new works manager in the Gazette and reduces her to tears. Jackie reprimands him, to his fury. Deirdre is annoyed when Ken visits her just to report that Tracy has been behaving. He feels he can't win. Alec forces Bet to settle for a shopping spree in Manchester instead of London. The Caseys plan Mark's twenty-first birthday. Deirdre vows to keep underage kids out of the arcade.


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  • Coronation Street's sixth title sequence made its debut with this episode. The cat that appears within the sequence was Frisky, chosen from 5,000 candidates suggested by viewers and belonging to John Rimington of Leeds.
  • TV Times synopsis: Now that Mike has established his new empire, he sets about making it more secure.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,150,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue[]

Rita Fairclough: "Madeira! Oh it sounds fabulous. Well it does, dun't it? I mean, Madeira. It's got a ring to it. You know like, like 'nectarine'. Whereabouts is Madeira?"
Bet Gilroy: "It's somewhere near Tenerife. Down that way... you know, south of Bournemouth."

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