Andy tells Liz that Tracy doesn't need any encouragement to hang around the arcades. Mike warns Ivy over her gossiping about him getting the sack. Deirdre apologises to Liz about blaming Andy for Tracy's truancy. She's troubled when Liz tells her what Andy said. Jenny sees her college adviser, Mr Robbins. He is angry that she hasn't been doing her work and throws her off the course - she is horrified. Deirdre catches Tracy in the arcade and drags her out. She takes her to school and rows with Ken for not keeping an eye on her. Ken insists that they deal with it together. Mike tells Jackie that he'd stay at the factory if she wasn't selling up. Deirdre thinks Tracy is trying to punish her for her behaviour towards Ken. Mike is annoyed when Jackie goes home without letting him know her decision as he's told her that he'll wait until the end of the day to accept the new job. Rita despairs when Jenny tells her that she's given up the course. Jenny blames her and Alan for pushing her towards a life she never wanted. Deirdre tells Ken she won't be blackmailed; Tracy is refusing to be good unless Ken is taken back. Jenny admits to Angie that she was kicked out but swears her to secrecy as she doesn't want people feeling sorry for her. Mike waits for Jackie at the factory after hours, hoping she'll change her mind. She does and Mike agrees to stay.


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Audrey Roberts: "You need a good education these days, don't yer? If it's only to work out yer benefits."

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