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Fabric and textiles design student Angie Freeman arrives in the street and, with Flick remaining in France with a medical student, asks Jenny to take her in. Jim looks for premises for his bike repair business. Kevin tells Sally to get dressed up to have drinks at the Rovers to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. Mike is pleased that Ralph Dobson is finished but is alarmed when Jackie moves into Peter Ingram's office to run the business, telling him that he persuaded her. Jenny agrees to Angie moving into No.7. Jenny hasn't prepared for her return to college and doesn't feel she's getting anything out of it. Tracy and the McDonald twins bunk off school to play the machines in Jim's Cafe. Ken tries to talk to Deirdre about Tracy in the Rovers but she doesn't let him speak, thinking he's up to his usual tricks. Sally is annoyed when Kevin doesn't get her an anniversary present. Kevin pretends to storm out because of everyone making him out to be a bad husband, before shocking Sally by bringing her outside to see the limo Don has hired to take them to a posh restaurant in Cheshire. Jim rents one of the new viaduct arches. Mike tells Jackie that he's had another job offer.


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