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Mike plans to win Jackie's friendship and later influence her over the factory. Against Don's advice, Ivy tells Gail about "Martin"'s car crash and that an "Elizabeth" was mentioned. Gail says Martin doesn't know anyone called Elizabeth but is worried. Jim buys a load of spares but Liz refuses to let him carry them through the house. Phyllis tries to get Percy to join an art class with her. Bet wonders what's behind Betty's sudden rattiness. Deirdre realises that Ken could use her affair with Mike against her in the divorce after talking to Liz. Phyllis tries to tempt Percy into going to the art class by telling him there will be nude models there. He is insulted. Bet finds out from Betty that Alec has been hinting that they might get rid of her. Bet tells her they're not and makes Alec apologise to her. Audrey tells Don that Ivy has been upsetting Gail. The Kawasaki arrives. Liz drops off boxes for Jim's spares to show that she supports him. Deirdre tells Ken she'll drop the divorce if he moves out of the street. Don orders Ivy to drop the spiritualism before everyone starts snubbing them. Martin rows with Ivy in the Rovers. Bet is stunned as she listens to the row and Alec finds her confused in the living room.


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