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Mike worries about his future. Don apologises to Ivy for rowing and admits that he hates that she thinks someone else can give her something he can't. He is still against the spiritualism and tells her she's not to go back. Jim considers going into the bike business and he makes Liz see that he has to do something to tide him over. Ivy can't get Brian out of her mind and breaks down at work. Betty returns to the Rovers after being off sick. Alec thinks Liz spends too much time chatting to her friends and ignores customers. Jackie Ingram is puzzled when Mike tells her that he thinks she's doing the right thing by selling up. Ken stuns Deirdre by asking her to see a marriage guidance person with him. She tells him that it's over - he doesn't understand. Jackie begins to like Mike's company. Alec changes his tune over Liz and tells Betty she wasn't missed while she was away. Bet notices that Betty seems out of sorts. Laura Collins accompanies Ivy to a spiritualist meeting. Jim realises that he's going to have to break into his army gratuity. He buys a Kawasaki GPX 750R for £2,000 from a friend of Kevin's in Salford. Mike blows Alma off to spend the evening with Jackie. The medium gives Ivy a message from a "Martin". Don is furious that she is still going. She thinks that Martin is in danger.


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  • A woman in the congregation at Weatherfield Spiritualist Church is uncredited, despite having lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Mike tries a change of tactics in his battle to come out tops at the factory. Liz is alarmed when Jim makes a grand gesture in order to start a new business.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,440,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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