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Mike tells Alma he has to get Jackie Ingram to trust him enough to hand the factory over to him. Jim is determined to find a job so that Liz doesn't have to work. Liz is settling into the Rovers and would rather he hold out for a good job. Audrey asks Alf to forget about Jim. He refuses. Deirdre has her hair done for Mike's party. Jim wishes he'd stayed in the army and goes back to working on the bike. Alf demands an apology from Jim. When Jim insults Audrey, Alf kicks the bike over. Liz and Audrey stop them fighting. Mike and Alma entertain some friends, including the Dobsons, Deirdre, Jackie and Phil Jennings. Ken is upset when he sees Mike pick up Deirdre in his Jag. Jackie nearly doesn't go to the party but Mike is delighted when she does arrive. Ralph is embarrassed when his wife Enid drinks too much. Jackie misses Peter and becomes tearful. Mike tries to convince her that he would run the business the way Peter would have wanted. Deirdre gets on well with Phil. Ivy visits the spiritualist church and is convinced that the medium is genuine. He doesn't address her directly but, feeling that Brian wants to get in touch, she intends to keep going back until he does.


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