Liz thinks Audrey was just joking as she wouldn't throw away the security she has with Alf but Jim isn't sure. Mavis is late for work and is distracted when she gets there because of Harry. Feeling guilty, she decides to contact Mrs Featherstone. Deirdre and Dave apologise to each other but Ken continues to cast a shadow over their relationship. Audrey calls Jim out again to her TV, saying the colour isn't right. Derek buys a budgie to give to Mrs Featherstone, passing it off as Boris, but without telling Mavis. Mavis takes Harry round to the Feathersones', where son Darren takes the budgie in. Jim doesn't believe there's anything wrong with Audrey's TV and waits until later to go, hoping that Alf will be home. He's disappointed when Alf isn't there and Audrey tries to flirt again. Mrs Featherstone is annoyed that Darren has taken Harry in after she took "Boris" from Derek. She returns Harry to Mavis. Dave tells Ken to stay away from Deirdre. Ken tells him it's none of his business. Jim takes the TV in and shocks Audrey by telling her that he's not interested in her; she's just a frustrated housewife.


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