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Derek tells Mavis that Boris probably isn't Harry and it's just a coincidence. Tracy starts third year. Deirdre is unhappy that she's helping Ken decorate the flat after school. She tells Ken not to call round any more. Mavis is on edge at The Kabin as she's afraid Sybil Featherstone will find out about Harry and come back. Dave feels that Deirdre is so preoccupied with Ken that she has no time for him. Percy sees Mavis with a box of bird seed in the corner shop and gruffly tells her to stop looking back. Jim repairs the TV in the Robertses' bedroom and Audrey takes the opportunity to flirt. She gets him to sit on the bed with her but Jim remains professional, to her disappointment. Tracy lies about not having homework so she can help Ken but Deirdre catches her out and makes her finish it. Mavis hides Harry when Percy calls at No.4 to apologise for earlier. Derek ends up giving him a tour of the decorated house. Mrs Featherstone calls at The Kabin to complain that her card is too low down in the window, alerting Rita to the case of missing Boris. Percy hears Harry chirping just as he leaves No.4. The Wiltons pretend they didn't hear anything. Jim advises Audrey to have an outside aerial fitted. Ken tells Deirdre that Tracy has been moved down a grade in maths. Deirdre blames him and stops Tracy from helping with the decorating.


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