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Deirdre ignores Ken. Andy and Steve decide to go back to school. Nigel Ridley demands Tina's reinstatement and she returns to work. Dave advises Deirdre to show Ken that she's moved on. Percy demands a public apology from Alec for his barring but withdraws his patronage when he sees Tina. Mavis discovers a budgie in No.4 and thinks it's Harriet. Bet throws Tina out of the pub. Tina swears she'll make something of herself and not end up like Bet. Bet calls her a fool for thinking Nigel Ridley cares about her. Mavis names the he-budgie Harry and decides to keep him. Tina discovers Nigel with a girlfriend in a wine bar and creates a scene. When he threatens to have her thrown out, she throws a glass of wine in his face and walks out. Des and Steph are there and witness this and later tell the Gilroys. Deirdre lets Tracy see Ken but makes her tell her first. Sybil Featherstone puts a card in The Kabin about her lost budgie, Boris.


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