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Alec thinks that Tina is spying for Nigel Ridley when the brewery asks for more in-pub entertainment at the Rovers. Tracy accuses Deirdre of stopping them from being a family again. Deirdre rows with Alf for giving in to Ken. He says he did it for Tracy. Jim refuses to sign Andy's army papers. Liz tells him to move out if he joins up. When Tina insults Percy, Emily and Rita stand up to her. Ken moves into the flat. Deirdre warns him that he's giving Tracy false hope. He tells her that he loves her. Alf begs Deirdre not to be cross with him and to understand that he was torn between two friends. Even Tracy doesn't think Ken and Deirdre will get back together but Ken holds out hope. Liz has enough with Jim's soft approach and orders Andy to leave. She tells him that she's not going through with him what she went through with Jim, and explains how the army changed Jim. The residents are amazed when Tina bars Percy. Bet sacks her on the spot. Bet tells Tina she's just Nigel's bit on the side and he'll drop her when he finds out how she's been behaving. Tina warns Alec that he'll lose his job for this. Andy tells the family he's not joining up.


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  • This is the sole episode of the programme penned by the acclaimed and award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern.
  • TV Times synopsis: After losing her husband to the army, Liz McDonald decides she is not prepared to lose her son. Will her determination to stop Andy have any success? Alf pays the price of being a good friend.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,960,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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