Andy is proud of his exam results - 3 'A's, 4 'B's, 2 'C's. Steve is upset at his - 2 'B's, 2 'E's, 1 fail. Andy is annoyed that Liz and Jim are more proud of Steve. Alec cancels Tina's night off, much to her anger. Andy tells his parents that he's going to join the army. Jim is sure he isn't serious, while Liz frets. The residents gather for the Wiltons' barbecue. Vera is depressed that she wasn't invited and Jack takes her out. Mike asks Jackie to let him run the factory. The guests get restless as Derek takes ages to serve the food. Rita takes the opportunity to get away when Ken arrives to speak to her. Rita shows Ken her flat. Jack is forced to work when Tina phones in sick. The party-goers leave the Wiltons' house early, fed up with the soft drinks and inedible food. Derek and Mavis deem the barbecue a success. At a wine bar, Tina has a date with Nigel Ridley.


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