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Vera refuses to let Des park his car outside No.9 and tells him and Steph to stick to their own side of the street. Tina is adamant that she won't receive the award for barmaid of the month - it's her night off. Alma can't concentrate at the cafe for worrying about Mike. Mike is put under Ralph Dobson and has to clean the gutters. Despite the indignity, he works hard in his new position. Bet gets Tina to change her mind but she refuses again when Alec refuses to buy her a dress. Alec can't get hold of Nigel Ridley to tell him the do is off. Vera and Steph have to be separated when Vera sets up roadblocks outside her house. Nigel arrives and is put off by Alec until Tina arrives at the last moment to collect her champagne from Nigel. Peter Ingram and Mike work late but their conversation quickly descends into an argument. Ingram doesn't trust Mike and thinks he want to succeed Ralph Dobson as his number two. He tells Mike that he's not going to let him rise from the factory floor. Ingram gets angry at Mike and suddenly collapses in his office.


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