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Mike pretends to have gone down with the flu to cover his absence from work. Jack and Don put their money on "Three Lemons" after Des tells Jack to stick to fruit machines. Ken and Tracy return to find Deirdre is not about. Ken tells Steve and Andy that he's on permanent staff at Weatherfield Comprehensive from the start of next term. Vera plans a send-off at the Rovers for Curly before he goes to Milton Keynes and tells Jack to put his hand in his pocket. Deirdre and Dave's return is witnessed by Ken and Tracy. Tracy is upset that Deirdre would rather go away with Dave than see her be a bridesmaid. "Three Lemons" comes in last. Ken asks Deirdre again to take him back. She tells him that she never wants to see him again; the best thing he could do is find someone else. Mark is horrified about "Three Lemons" as he put his £100 holiday spending money on it. Curly saves Jack from his financial obligations by buying the first round of drinks and loaning him £10. Kimberley gives Curly a pocket calculator as a reminder of her. Curly gets Kimberley to agree to spending the night with him before he goes but Ivy invites them and the Duckworths for dinner. Mike is horrified to discover that "Jackie Williams" is Peter Ingram's wife. Ingram tells him that he wants to talk to him first thing on Monday morning.


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