Mike interviews for a Phoenix Fashions manager. Alma fears he'll end up in jail and warns him they're finished if he does. Away from Weatherfield, Deirdre and Dave have room service in a hotel. Jack enjoys having money that Vera doesn't know about. Mike is taken by attractive interviewee Jackie Williams, while he's put off hiring candidate Mr Akhtar when he insists on an option to buy into the business after six months. Jack interests Don in Des' "tips". Jack hangs on Des's every word for cryptic hints. Mike swears Jackie to secrecy over what's discussed during the interview. Alec won't let Jack away from the Rovers to put a bet on. Peter Ingram invites Mike and Alma to dinner. The McDonalds bring the bike back. It's in bad nick so Jim gets the twins to clean it. Ken doesn't enjoy Peter's wedding as he feels he wasn't a good father to the twins. Jim shows Steve that he does really care for him. Dave wonders why Deirdre suggested the break and angers her by suggesting it was to get up Ken's nose. Ken promises Tracy that he and Deirdre will get back together. Des wonders what is wrong with Jack. The horse comes in. Don thinks Jack is onto something and gives him £50 to put on the next tip.


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  • First appearance of Jackie Ingram (Credited as "Jackie Williams" on this episode).
  • TV Times synopsis: Alma worries that Mike is getting over-confident in his bid to be 'Mr Big'. For once in his life, Don has confidence in Jack Duckworth.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,990,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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