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The Tilsleys love the car and go for a ride in it. Ivy feels that she can't compete with Audrey. Alf is horrified to hear that Audrey spent £2,000 on the car. She tells him it was out of her earnings. Martin insists on paying Audrey back the £2,000. Liz and Steve arrive home from the Lake District. An apoplectic Jim is ready to give Steve a beating, but Liz promises she'll leave him and take the twins with her if he tries. Jim resents her accusation of taking out his anger at Mr Khan on Steve and demands to know where the bike is. Audrey feels under-appreciated by Alf when he says she didn't earn the £2,000 as she's always swanning off from work. Andy taunts Steve over Joanne. Steve goes for him and Liz has to separate them. Tracy is unsure how to explain Deirdre's absence to the wedding guests. Deirdre tells her to ask Ken. Mark tells Alf the car cost £1,800. Ken asks Dave to stay away from Deirdre as they are getting back together. Sally shows off her baby scan pictures at the Rovers. Audrey spends the other £200 on a new outfit and takes Alf for a meal to smooth things over. Ken begs Deirdre to take him back. He tells her that he loves her but she refuses and asks him to leave.


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