Vera fears that she's going to lose Curly. Steve tries to arrange to use a mechanic's tools to fix the bike in exchange for a few days labour. When the man refuses due to his age, Steve dumps the bike in a silage site. Joanne panics about their lack of money and blames Steve for spending what they had. Mr Khan calls No.7 and tells Jenny he's on his way up. Steve and Joanne are taken on at a hotel at £1.50 an hour, plus accommodation. Curly is made official deputy manager at Bettabuy with a £20 a week pay rise. Pleased with himself, he demands an improvement at home or he'll move out. Joanne is horrified to learn that the job's washing-up and they have to share a double bed. Kimberley tells Curly she hates the way he has changed and pours a pint over him in the Rovers. Steve grows tired of Joanne's moaning. Flick dreads her dad's arrival and asks Liz not to tell him that she pushed to call the police earlier. Joanne packs and leaves the hotel and starts to hitchhike. Steve calls her a bitch for leaving and asks her not to tell anyone where he is. Alec annoys Bet by insinuating that she only cares about money. Curly tells Kimberley that he loves her and promises to go to Barmouth. Mr Khan turns up at No.7.


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  • The scene of Steve and Joanne with the mechanic was shot outside the White Lion Inn on the A592 road in Patterdale. The Inn on the Lake, further north along the A592 in Glenridding, doubled for The Ullswater Hotel.
  • TV Times synopsis: Runaway Joanne finds herself in a potentially dangerous situation. Curly’s friends wonder if there is method in his apparent madness.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,120,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
  • The ITV3 repeat of this episode on 5th October 2018 was edited, cutting 15" from the end of the title sequence and start of the opening scene, to remove Jack Duckworth referring to Curly Watts as a "jumped-up little ponce"; 2" from a scene in Part Two where Joanne Khan packs her bags at The Ullswater Hotel, telling Steve McDonald she's fed up of being "slagged off"; and a further 8" from later in the same scene, to remove Steve calling Joanne a "stuck-up, spoiled bitch".
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