Curly plans to live in Hartlepool during the week and at the Duckworths' at the weekend. Vera is upset with him for abandoning Kimberley. Curly tells her it's none of her business. Flick tells Joanne to stay away from Steve. Alma feels that Mike is not committed to her. Alec has a meeting with his solicitor. Joanne calls Steve at the first opportunity and they arrange a date. Andy watches as Steve takes Joanne boating. Alec makes Betty and Jack witness his will. Jack assumes he's a beneficiary although Betty is quick to inform him that as a witness he definitely isn't! Flick worries when she can't find Joanne. Liz is annoyed when she casts aspersions on Steve, and tells her Joanne did all the running. Flick is afraid of having to tell her parents Joanne has got into trouble. Andy tells Flick that Steve and Joanne have been together at North Cross Park. Vera comes round to the idea of Curly working away and tells Curly that she'll look after Kimberley, causing him worry. Jim takes Steve to task when he lies about his whereabouts. Curly suggests to Kimberley that she doesn't see much of Vera while he's away. Betty tells Bet that Alec has made a new will. Steve calls Andy a grass. Andy goes for Steve when he tells him Joanne said he was boring. Jim and Liz break it up.


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