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The Booths are ready to move into No.13 and arrive with some of their belongings. Len offers them help when their furniture is delivered later. An excited Lucille takes Walter's record to school. Ken is deputised to produce the school play for Christmas, Julius Caesar, with colleague Dave Robbins helping him. Annie and Martha think Dennis is a bad influence on the easily-led Walter. Dennis gets excited as an enthusiastic Laurie plugs Walter's record with his many contacts. He praises Dennis's work on developing Walter. Back on the street, Walter sells his window-cleaning round through a card in the shop window. A van-full of the Booths' new furniture arrives, which Martha thinks must all be on hire purchase. The neighbours give the Booths a living room coal scuttle as a moving-in present. Len arrives late to help them and he and Albert make Jerry carry Myra over the threshold. All settled in, the young couple enjoy their first meal at their dinner table and a sit-down on their new chairs as they settle into domestic bliss. Emily calls on them to see if the curtains she supplied them are alright and is their first proper visitor. Frank asks Val if she and Ken are ready to start a family yet. Ken brings a load of costumes home for her to iron. Minnie brings the Booths a present of a chair cover while Martha points out the house's faults. Elsie is the next visitor and upsets Martha by calling out her pretensions. The newly-weds desperately want to be alone but can't say anything. Frank and Albert put a drunken Len off from calling at No.13. Laurie discovers Walter has signed a three-year contract with London manager Billy Reno. He is horrified that Dennis did not get him formally signed up, only on a gentleman's agreement. Dennis is likewise furious that Walter has let him down.


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