The Wiltons' soil becomes a talking point. Reg tells Curly that he's pressing for him to be a trainee no longer. Gail coerces Alma into helping her clean the cafe. The garden centre refuses to move the soil. Derek is resigned to moving it himself and asks Mavis to help him. Kimberley fears that Curly doesn't want to move in because he doesn't want to marry her. She gives Curly his ring back and breaks off the engagement. Percy sends the McDonald twins over to move the soil as an act of neighbourliness although they get £10 out of Mavis for the job. Gail and Alma give the cafe a thorough clean. Curly makes Kimberley take the ring back, telling her that he loves her. Derek is dismayed to find the soil has been piled up in the back garden. Curly is made assistant manager. Reg tells him that he has a promising future if he remains single. Gail has a fall at the cafe and is rushed to hospital where Martin sees her arrive.


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Stephanie Barnes: "Mavis made the earth move for you, did she Derek?"
Mavis Wilton: "Yes she did, but she won't be doing it again. He can make his own earth move next time."

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