Jenny and Flick try in vain to make Rod see that he's not welcome. Tracy tells Deirdre that she doesn't want to leave No.1 but Deirdre is tempted by the offer of £35,000. The girls tell Rod they don't want him. He agrees to look for somewhere else today. Vera plans a second honeymoon to a holiday camp in Pwillheli. Jack dreads it, much to Alec's amusement. The Wiltons buy a rustic bench for their garden. Derek places it at the bottom of the garden, facing the house - as well as No.6. Steph invites Mavis to use her sunbed. Rod shows no sign of leaving No.7. Ivy reminds Vera that her first honeymoon was a disaster. Mark offers to help get Rod out. Mavis discovers Derek looking up to Steph's bedroom while sitting on the bench. She finds out that Steph walks about in the nude. Mark threatens Rod with violence unless he leaves. Rod goes peacefully leaving the girls thinking that Mark is an animal. Tracy overhears Dave inviting Deirdre to move in with him.


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  • The scenes set in No.6's back bedroom were recorded in the real location on the outdoor set rather than in studio to allow the gardens to be seen through the window.
  • No regular episode was transmitted on Monday 28th May 1990. Instead the ITV schedules were taken up with the 1990 ITV Telethon. Coronation Street 's contribution was a special mini-episode which featured the temporary return of Jean Alexander as Hilda Ogden to the programme.
  • TV Times synopsis: Deirdre finds it hard to reach a decision over her future. Dave has a solution - but is it a welcome one? Mavis has a new experience which turns bitter.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,900,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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