Jenny and Flick both want rid of Rodney but each thinks the other fancies him. Deirdre doesn't know what to do about Newton & Ridley's offer. She discretely asks the Gilroys how they feel about the changes while keeping the brewery's plans confidential. The neighbours grow annoyed at Rod playing loud music. Deirdre turns down the offer, but is talked into a meeting with a brewery boss. The Wiltons decide on a pond for their garden. Derek insists on doing the work himself. Jenny and Flick realise that neither of them fancied Rod. Derek slaves away in No.4's garden all day. Des spies on him and laughs as he keeps looking up to catch a sight of naked Steph. Nigel Ridley tells Deirdre and Dave that if she doesn't sell, the Rovers will stay as it is. She tells him that she's had enough upheaval recently but he offers her £35,000 in exchange for signing contracts within two weeks. Dave asks her if her friendship with the Gilroys is worth £10,000 and urges her to grab the offer.


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  • The scenes set in No.6's back bedroom were recorded in the real location on the outdoor set rather than in studio to allow the gardens to be seen through the window.
  • TV Times synopsis: Capability Wilton sets to task, but is his mind really on his work? And the lodger at Number 7 is making an impact on the neighbours.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,240,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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