Deirdre is curious about the anonymous buyer but doesn't plan to sell. Rod Whitworth makes a mess at No.7 but promises to spend the day cleaning and cook the girls dinner. Mavis pushes Derek to sort the garden out. Rita hears about Rod staying at No.7 but doesn't mind. Deirdre fears the offer is from Maurice Jones and asks the neighbours if they've had offers, but they haven't. Jenny thinks Rod is a waster and wonders why Flick took him in. Rita tells her that she must fancy him. Flick also finds Rod irritating but doesn't want to admit she was wrong. She's confused when Jenny tells her that he can stay. Bet advises Deirdre to find out who is making the offer before going any further. Rod spends the day lazing around instead of cleaning and has to order the girls a takeaway - with their money! Des has fun with Derek and warns him that from his garden he could see into Steph's gym where she gets a full-body tan. Vera and Ivy are annoyed when Rod plays loud music all day. Deirdre demands Mr Simpson tell her who's made the offer on her house or she won't consider selling. Mr Simpson reveals that the offer is from Newton & Ridley, as their refurbishment plans mean extending the Rovers. He tells her that the changes are still going ahead, despite what they told Alec. Deirdre is sworn to secrecy.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Des and Steph hatch another plot to bring excitement into their lives - but at whose expense? And who is behind Deirdre’s mysterious offer?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,390,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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