Jenny refuses to let Flick allow Rodney Whitworth, a friend who has been kicked out his digs, to sleep on the sofa for a night. Vera vows to get even with the McDonalds but Jack is afraid to stand up to Jim. Jim thinks Jack has seen a solicitor when he says he's been advised not to comment. Jenny doesn't want No.7 turned into a doss house. Bet is adamant that she will not like the new Rovers. Jim speaks to a solicitor as Liz discovers it was Curly who advised Jack. Rita tells Alec that the Rovers is more than a pub to Bet. Audrey thanks Ivy for being supportive of Gail and Martin. Ivy angrily tells her she only suggested marriage as she doesn't want their child to have Brian's surname. Jack offers to pay the fine in exchange for the bike. For Bet's sake, Alec tells Nigel Ridley they'll oppose the refurbishments. Nigel is reasonable, telling Alec that the brewery won't force the changes on them. The police let the Duckworths and the McDonalds off and PC Nailor buys the bike for £800. Bet is delighted to hear the changes are off. Mr Simpson, the estate agent, tells Deirdre that the buyer is offering £30,000 for No.1, five thousand more than the valuation. Jenny discovers Rod already installed at No.7.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jenny is landed with an unwanted lodger. Deirdre receives an unusual offer. Is it one she can refuse?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,000,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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