Martin wants to turn Gail's catering exhibition in Birmingham into a family day out but Gail insists on going alone. Deirdre tells Tracy she isn't going out with Dave. Curly has the work done on the car. Reg arranges to transfer Renee Dodds to Bolton but tells Curly he has to tell her. Sally realises Gail is going away to have an abortion and feels bad for Martin. Ivy is fed up being unemployed and disappointed that Audrey and Alf were asked first to have the kids. A rattled Gail tells Alma that she is not going to Birmingham but Liverpool to an abortion clinic. She says she doesn't want Martin to feel tied to her. Alma supports her and reveals that she has had one in the past. Renee is annoyed that Reg couldn't face her and swears vengeance over the transfer. Sally tells Kevin about Gail's termination, swearing him to secrecy. He thinks Martin has a right to know. Martin takes the next two days off to go with Gail. She angrily tells him that she's going on her own. Deirdre entertains Dave to a meal to return the favour. Ken returns to the Street to speak to Curly about the car and sees Dave arrive at No.1. The Duckworths row with Ken in the Rovers. When Mike steps in, Ken squares up to him. A fight ensues and Mike lays into Ken, knocking him flat on his back, before Jim intervenes to separate the two rivals. Deirdre and Dave share a passionate kiss. No longer feeling welcome on the street where he grew up, Ken slinks away into the night.


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