Sally understands why Gail's not telling everyone, although she thinks Martin should be told. Curly's worried about the car as it refuses to start - even though Jack and Percy give helpful advice! Gail is worried about the pregnancy and regrets telling Sally. Jim is in the process of renovating the motorbike he's bought from Jack. Reg mistakenly thinks Curly has a drink problem when he talks about the AA. Percy is upset when Deirdre says she can't do any more to save his job. Curly tries to get money out of Ken to pay for car repairs but Ken angrily insists it's his problem. Deirdre refuses to go out with Dave but Dave says they'll go out when the job's finished. They eventually go to the Rovers for a drink and cross paths with Mike. Kimberley discovers that somebody has used the storeroom sink to wash and shave. Martin hints to Sally and Kevin that it would be nice to have a baby - they wonder if Gail has told him.


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Notable dialogue

Jack Duckworth: "Not even nearly there is it? Do you want me to have a go for yer?"
Curly Watts: "If it won't start for me, what makes ya think it'll start for you?"
Jack Duckworth: "Ah, well some folk have got a mechanical touch you see son, and some folk haven't, you know"
Curly Watts: "Oh aye, well I know which camp you're in then... after that pile of junk you brought home, thinly disguised as a bike!"


Ken Barlow: "I've had enough! Every way I turn somebody wants something for nothing out of me! 'Get it out of Ken Barlow! Ken Barlow'll play the white man, Ken Barlow'll let you bleed 'im dry, Ken Barlow'll just roll over like a decent chap', well Ken Barlow damn well won't!"

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