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Elsie is astonished that Dennis is up early but he's in a panic about Laurie Frazer's imminent arrival. He asks Walter to keep away from the office. Walter confides in Elsie that he thinks Dennis is losing interest in his career. Walter receives a telegram from Roy Walsh, a Liverpudlian friend, asking him to ring him in London. Emily brings a birthday gift of non-alcoholic tonic wine for Ena from her and Swindley. She is genuinely grateful. Martha gives her a plaster flying duck. Minnie tells her she has a surprise for her later on. Annie is pleased to get a letter from Billy. Walter uses the Rovers' phone to ring Roy. Lucille is excited at his potential good fortune but Harry insists she goes to school. Val offers a free hair-do to Ena as a birthday present. Minnie lets slip that the surprise is that Ena is going back to the vestry that afternoon but she refuses to go. Myra helps Dennis to tidy the office. Laurie arrives and thinks the Booths are an auditioning act. He gives Dennis a questionnaire to fill out about their acts. An excited Walter tells Dennis he's going to London to make a recording. Myra admits to Val that she struggles on her housekeeping. Ena changes her mind about moving when she hears that the new harmonium has been delivered. Elsie is annoyed when Dennis comes home saying that Laurie is picking him up at any minute. When he arrives he is very taken with Elsie and she with him. Ena returns to No.5 as the harmonium was locked. Emily gets another key from the makers in Manchester and Ena leaves, much to Minnie's delight. Alf tells Frank he plans to pack his job in to become his manager. Frank is astounded.


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Elsie Tanner: (to Dennis about Laurie Frazer): "Of all the animals you've ever brought in here, that's the best - you can bring him again."

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