Wendy is anxious that Ken gets on with Sylvia Crozier who she reveals is in fact not her mother but her stepmother. Jack starts work on the bike, but Vera doesn't share his enthusiasm. Ken is disappointed that Tracy doesn't mind not seeing him at the weekend. Wendy tells him she's being more grown up than him and demands that he make an effort for Sylvia. Tracy thinks Deirdre should start seeing other men, like Dave. Vera changes her mind about the bike when Curly points out that she'll know where Jack is and what he's doing, and it may supplant his pigeons in his affections. Rita packs to move into the new flat and throws away the biscuit tin containing the deeds to No.7, reminded of Alan's deceit. Wendy picks up Sylvia from the train station and returns to find Ken AWOL. Sylvia susses that Ken is more recently separated than she was led to believe. Deirdre enjoys Dave's company and doesn't mind when he asks her personal questions. Ken returns, having been for a walk to get space. Sylvia senses the bad atmosphere between Ken and Wendy and they have a row in front of her. Wendy feels that his obsession with Deirdre and Tracy is ruining their relationship. Rita starts stocking her new shop. Vera returns home intending to show Jack her support but is upset to find bike bits all over the house.


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  • The new Kabin set makes its first appearance in this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: For years Vera has been urging Jack to take up a worthwhile pastime. Now he has a hobby, why isn't she so keen? And how will Ken get on with Wendy's mother?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,330,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue

Curly Watts: "Mrs Duckworth, three things: a) We never address our customers as 'cock', b) We do not describe our organic merchandise as 'crank food', and c) We never, ever jerk our thumbs."

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