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Derek and Mavis move out of The Kabin flat and into No.4. Emily and Percy are their first visitors. Percy tells them Harriet looks distressed by the move. Mark fishes a party invitation out of Des. Des also invites Tina but Alec won't give her the evening off. Wendy does an advertising feature at Ingram's and tells Mike that Ken doesn't work for the Gazette any more, making Mike's day. Deirdre is surprised when Ken is available to collect Tracy from school. The Wiltons' romantic house-warming meal is ruined by the loud music from the party at No.6. Kevin clearly isn't happy about being there, much to Sally's embarrassment. Alec lets Tina go after all. Mike lets Deirdre know about Ken leaving the Gazette. Kevin tries to avoid Steph. Derek complains about the music but the partygoers complain when Des turns it down, and Derek ends up giving in and staying. Steph lures Kevin upstairs where she shaves off his moustache. Mavis is horrified to find Harriet dead in her cage. Steph unveils a clean-shaven Kevin to the partygoers. Sally is stunned to see him minus his moustache.


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