Steph thinks that Kevin fancies her. Des challenges her to prove it by getting him to rush through their car's repairs. Deirdre's solicitor advises her not to do anything rash. She is furious and tears her photographs of Ken, having only held onto them for Tracy's sake. Steph flirts with Kevin for a joke. He feels uncomfortable and agrees to have the car ready that day to get rid of her. Deirdre visits Tracy at school but Tracy rushes off as she's arranged to see Ken. Tracy tells Ken she wants him to come home. Phyllis gets Martin and Don to set Percy's bedroom up in the front room of No.3. Emily is annoyed at not being consulted. Phyllis thinks Emily wants Percy upstairs where he can't defend himself. Deirdre feels she's losing Tracy and wishes she hadn't let Ken adopt her. Rita tells her Tracy will come round eventually, as Jenny did with her. Ken brings Tracy home, to Deirdre's delight. Steph squeezes a startled Kevin's thigh in the Rovers.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mark Casey finds something amusing at the garage, but is he having a laugh at boss Kevin's expense? And desperate Deirdre makes an unusual alliance.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,470,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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