Mike warns Alma he may have to sell the flat. Deirdre tries to make it up with Tracy but Tracy doesn't understand her hatred of Wendy. Bet helps Tina arrange the wedding. The cafe has reopened although Alma is hostile towards Gail. Tina plans a hen party and invites Sally and Liz. Mike and Don nearly come to blows when Don gloats in the Rovers about Mike falling flat on his face. Alec persuades Eddie to hold the wedding buffet at the Rovers and drives the price up to £5.50 a head by encouraging him to splash out. He backtracks when Bet lets him know they're paying for the buffet as their wedding present. Tracy goes to see Ken and waits for him with Wendy. She is awkward around Wendy at first but soon relaxes. Alma blames Gail for Mike's situation and calls her a selfish bitch in front of customers. Gail is furious that Alma is still putting Mike before the cafe. Alma demands Gail buy her out as she's had enough of their partnership. Peter Ingram calls Mike to a meeting. Mike expects to be offered a deal. Ken is thrilled to see Tracy but takes her home when he hears Deirdre doesn't know she's there. Marie asks Eddie to be reasonable. After hearing Mike's news, Alma tells Gail she didn't mean what she said. Deirdre is angry that Tracy went behind her back to see Ken, and livid when Tracy lets slip that she was alone with Wendy. Tracy hurts Deirdre by saying she likes Wendy. Mike is offered a job by Ingram - as a sales rep.


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