Tracy is thrilled to hear that Ken wants to take her out. Bet thinks Tina and Eddie are rushing things but gives her blessing. Mike carries on despite the warning from Environmental Health. Alma thinks Don reported Mike, while Mike accuses Percy. Gail warns Alma against spreading rumours. Ken and Deirdre agree not to let Tracy get caught in the crossfire. Tina shows off her engagement ring. Marie Lancaster tells her that she had postnatal depression and wants her baby back, even if it means going to court. Tina doesn't understand and tells her to see a psychiatrist. Gail loses her rag when Mike sends Alma on an errand, threatening to walk out unless Mike and his machines go. Alma accuses her of reporting Mike - Gail admits it. Mike is stunned and immediately calls a stop to production, telling the workers there's too much opposition. Alma calls Gail a bitch. Gail closes the cafe, unsure if it'll reopen. Deirdre drags Tracy away from Ken when she sees Wendy is in the car. Tracy is upset when they row and shuts the door on Deirdre. Mike tells Alma he's finished in the rag trade. Eddie books the wedding for 9th March. Alf and Audrey celebrate leaving the Street. Tracy accuses Deirdre of just wanting to get at Ken and Wendy and not caring about her. She says she's going to see Ken whether she likes it or not.


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Gail Tilsley (to Mike Baldwin): "Don't you ever call me 'girl'. You think women are children, only more useful for fetching and carrying and one or two other things from time to time but they're just girls."

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