Mavis doesn't want Derek to leave PPP but he's insistent. Derek confronts Victor, who confesses his love for Mavis. Marie Lancaster discovers from Gail that Tina doesn't have a baby. Victor promises never to see Mavis again and gets drunk with Derek on homemade wine. Marie finds Bet taking Jamie for a stroll on the Red Rec. She asks to hold Jamie but Bet doesn't let her and urges her to sort things out with Eddie. Mr Ellison, the Health and Safety inspector arrives to check Mike's "factory". Bet feels sorry for Marie but Tina stands by Eddie. Victor extends the hand of friendship to Derek when they discover they both read the Wilson the Wonder Athlete comics as boys. Derek refuses. Victor decides to pack up and move to Darlington to open a recycling plant. Ellison tells Mike the factory is a fire trap as the flat is wired for domestic loads. He's told to shut down production. Marie pleads with Eddie to let her have Jamie but Mrs Ramsden intervenes. Marie tells them she knows they've left Jamie in a pub and threatens Eddie with a solicitor. Derek arrives home with the news that he's now PPP's Northwest Area Manager, taking Victor's place at the Weatherfield branch. Ken asks Deirdre if he can see Tracy. Marie turns up at the Rovers with Carl and tries to force her way through to the house. Bet stops her by pointing out that it'd look bad in court. Eddie proposes to Tina in order to provide a good home for Jamie. She accepts.


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