Derek goes to Bedford; his first night apart from Mavis since they got married. Alf declares war on Patel when customers ask about the new shop. Eddie fears Marie Lancaster will try to snatch Jamie. Audrey learns from Maurice Jones that he has not sold the shop to anyone and he was pushing Alf to buy it. Derek tries to contact Mavis or Victor by phone and when he fails he decides to return to Weatherfield. Audrey tries to put Alf straight about the shop but he has convinced himself the rumours are true. She discovers Jack was lying and makes him apologise to Alf by threatening to tell people the beer at the Rovers is watered down. Alf is relieved and tells Audrey they can go ahead and buy 5 Grasmere Drive. Tina hides Jamie at the Rovers, much to Alec's horror. Victor calls on Mavis and plays on her sympathy to get her to invite him up to the flat. There, he tries to cure her headache by using reflexology. Derek walks in on Victor massaging Mavis's foot.


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  • The scene of Derek Wilton making his phone calls was filmed at the junction of Upper Brook Street and Grafton Street in Manchester. A student accommodation block named "Nick Everton House" now stands on the site of the Happy Eater restaurant.
  • TV Times synopsis: Derek and Mavis bravely face their first night apart. However Victor has plans which might alleviate loneliness. Rumour-monger Jack comes up against a woman's wrath - and it's not Vera's!
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,630,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
  • This episode was included in the Network DVD collection Coronation Street: The Best of 1990-1999, released on 5th September 2011.
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