Alma tells Gail about Mike using the flat as a factory. Gail doesn't approve but knows she has no say in the matter. Mavis receives a Valentine card. Victor invites Derek and Mavis out for dinner. Derek says they have plans with Rita but Victor tries Mavis, who accepts on their behalf. Mike advertises for workers and he takes Josie Phillips on again. Gail fears losing customers because of the dust from upstairs. Josie tells Ivy and Don that she's gone to work for Mike and that he was the one who stole the order from Ingram. Des Barnes introduces himself at the Rovers but Steph drags him home to pack for their honeymoon to Majorca. As they're getting into the taxi, Des spills Steph's luggage out into the street. Don tackles Mike in the Rovers, while Ivy makes insinuations about Alma. Derek tells Mavis he didn't send her the card. Martin gets a job as porter at Weatherfield General. Ingram visits Mike and accuses him of taking the order just to win. One of Jenny's college mates, Felicity Khan, tells Rita that she is worried about Jenny's state of mind. Victor and the Wiltons go to dinner, where Victor is embarrassed to discover Derek knows that he sent the card to Mavis. Victor tells Derek he's making him chief representative of PPP.


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  • First appearance of Felicity "Flick" Khan.
  • Acclaimed actor John Henshaw appears as an extra in a scene in The Lime Tree restaurant. One year after this appearance he would gain his big break with a part in the Channel 4 series G.B.H..
  • TV Times synopsis: Valentine's Day causes embarrassment and upset in one household, while Rita finally receives news about Jenny - but is it the sort she wanted?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,610,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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