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Mavis is disappointed when Derek tells her they have to wait a year to see how his job goes before buying a house. Derek discovers that he has to be warehouse boy as well as sales rep. Liz is despondent that Johnny Johnson has given the job up in favour of Jim. She tells him that Jim is on his own if he re-enlists. Ivy worries when illness stops production. Rita tells Mavis she has to leave No.7 and The Kabin as she sees Alan's ghost everywhere. Maurice Jones starts moving furniture into the newly-completed No.6. Audrey thinks it's for his mistress. Victor introduces Derek to his "company car" - an ugly white van. Jones tells Audrey that his daughter and son-in-law are getting No.6 at cost. Johnny warns Jim that Liz will leave him if he stays in the army. He tells him that she means it this time. Don warns Ivy not to ask Ingram for an extension as he doesn't want to give Mike the satisfaction. Johnny leaves. Derek is humiliated by his new position. He is further distressed to hear about Rita selling up. Jim tells Liz that he is leaving the army for good. Mike undercuts Ingram and takes the bag order from the travel company.


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