Derek goes for his interview, selling beds. Liz reminds Jim that he promised to leave the army. Jim assures her that he'll be based in Manchester and there's no chance of a surprise posting somewhere else. Liz is adamant she wants the army out of their lives. Eddie Ramsden returns from France, to Tina's delight. He had to hitchhike his way to Weatherfield. Mavis goes behind Derek's back and has lunch with Victor. Alec pretends he's glad to be rid of Jamie but tells Eddie that Jamie can stay anytime. Victor tells Mavis he's found some success in the recycling business but he's never been married. Alma gives Mike £700 to pay the outworkers. Mike promises to pay her back with interest. Jim announces that his old pal Johnny Johnson is coming to stay but Liz doesn't seem too pleased at the prospect. Derek doesn't get the job. Ivy completes the bag order. Don is glad that Mike is out of their lives again. Victor offers Derek - via Mavis - a job at his recycled paper business, Pendlebury Paper Products. Derek is thrilled when Mavis tells him about the offer until he hears who it's from. He refuses to work for Victor. Mike is paid for the bags and repays Alma. He lands an order for another 5,000 travel bags.


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