Mavis receives a postcard from Victor Pendlebury. Derek has an interview for a job selling beds but struggles to muster up enthusiasm. Ingram asks Don for directions to Baldwin's Casuals. Don happily tells him Mike doesn't have a factory any more and has hired outworkers to make up the travel bags. Alec discovers the hooligans have been released from jail but there's no word about Eddie. Tina fears he was the ringleader. Ingram visits Mike's flat and is amused to see him at a machine. Ingram refuses to pay Mike any money until the bags are delivered and knocks off 5% for every day he's late. Mike assures him the order will be completed in time. The Kabin starts receiving anonymous phone calls. Ivy demands 75p a bag from Mike now she knows what Ingram is paying him, and refuses to release any bags until she's paid. Jack calls France to find out what's happened to Eddie. Percy takes over the call as he speaks better French but keeps making references to the war. Jim returns from Aldershot and tells Liz he is thinking of enrolling into army recruitment. He points out he can still live at home. Percy finds out Eddie was released with the others. Victor appears at The Kabin and admits he's behind the phone calls. He arranges a meeting with Mavis, giving her no opportunity to refuse. Mike asks Alma to lend him some money to pay his outworkers.


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  • An error occured in the close of this episode when the end theme music began with a replay of the usual piece used for the "End of Part One" sequence, immediately by the standard score.
  • TV Times synopsis: A postcard evokes past memories and heralds a disturbing day for Mavis. Tina grows frantic for news of Eddie Ramsden.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,670,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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