Ken returns home in the middle of the night, but Deirdre tells him that she knows he has spent the day with Wendy and she throws him out. Alec tells Bet he wants to find his daughter Sandra before it's too late. Ken sleeps at the Recorder office instead of going to Wendy's house. Jim agrees to pay the excess on the new window with Alf claiming the rest on the insurance. Steve and Andy donate their Christmas money. Bet secretly hopes that Alec will forget about Sandra and advises him not to get his hopes up after twenty years. Emily is shocked to hear the Barlows have split. Audrey is mortified when Alf counts the money from the McDonalds in front of them. Deirdre lets Tracy call Ken at Wendy's and thinks Wendy is protecting him when she says he isn't there. Turning detective, Alec goes to Chestnut Drive, Bamford, where his ex-wife Joyce moved when she left him. Audrey tells Alf to apologise to Jim. Wendy goes to the Recorder office to fetch Ken. He moves in with her. The twins sneak out of No.11. Alec asks around and learns that a man called Tim Arden can lead him to Sandra. Alf and Jim make amends as the twins start up a JCB on the empty building site, but it goes out of control and crashes into the shop, smashing the new window.


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Audrey Roberts (to Alf): "You make Scrooge look like Bob Geldolf."

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