Deirdre refuses to talk about the affair on Christmas Day and she tries to make the day as pleasant as possible for Tracy. Jack swears never to drink again after seeing Santa. Rita worries about Jenny spending Christmas on her own. Martin gives Gail a gold bracelet. They entertain the Brennans and the Robertses. Tracy tells her parents that she'll go out so they can row. Ken tells Deirdre he was forced into Wendy Crozier's arms because she was so busy at the council. He throws the Mike affair at her but she refuses to be blamed. Ivy is upset to find Brian's photo has been put away in a drawer. Jenny refuses to see Rita. Alma and Mike both have quiet Christmases. When he invites her for a meal on Boxing Day she accepts. Jack is relieved to discover it was Derek on the warehouse roof. Derek opens the envelope from work only to discover he's been fired. Deirdre refuses to talk any more to Ken and tells him to decide whether he's leaving or staying.


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