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Det. Sgt. Crichton calls off the search for Rita. Bet waits at The Strand Hotel for Rita to return. Alec tells Jenny that Rita is alive and she insists that he tells Alan. Alan is outraged to discover Rita is in Blackpool and gets the hotel address off a gullible Alec. Mr Lotterby, the Robertses' solicitor tells them there's nothing he can do; they're homeless. Alf moves Audrey into the shop flat despite her protests. Alan drives to The Strand Hotel in Blackpool to take Rita home and produce her to all the people who have suspected him of murder. He finds Bet in her room and demands to know where Rita is. A terrified Bet rows with him. He bumps into Rita outside, she remembers everything when she sees him and tries to run away from him. She dashes through the traffic, he follows and is hit by a tram and killed instantly. Bet comforts a sobbing and distraught Rita as she collapses to the ground.


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