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Rita has had a breakdown and her mind has retreated back to the time of her marriage to Len, when she occasionally undertook singing engagements as Rita Littlewood. The Robertses move out of No.11. Bet is concerned for Rita's sanity and stops Alec contacting the police. Alf and Audrey arrive at the semi in Hillside Crescent but are told they can't move in as the chain has broken down. They return to No.11 but are too late as the McDonalds move in with their teenage twin sons, Steve and Andy. Jim McDonald is furious to find the back yard full of Alf's junk. The Robertses book into a hotel. Audrey becomes distraught when the Duckworths see them there. Alan tells Jenny that Rita has ruined his life. Bet pretends to be ill to lure Rita to hospital. Alec returns and tells the police that Rita is in Blackpool. Rita disappears from the hospital.


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