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Part One: Elsie Lappin nips out to visit her daughter, leaving Florrie alone in the shop. She serves two customers who buy a packet of firelighters and then reveal they are police officers. As she has sold goods after 7.00pm, she has broken a by-law and will receive a summons to appear in court. Florrie is mortified. Rovers' landlord Jack Walker completes his pools coupon and dreams of riches. He and Annie serve pensioner Martha Longhurst who is looking after her granddaughter for the day. She's spotted a car outside No.3 where within Ken tries to persuade Susan to go into town with him rather than remain in the area. Ena is annoyed when she can't buy boiled ham for her supper in the shop as Florrie is now keeping to the letter of the law. Christine Hardman of No.13 is angry that Ena is telling everyone that her mother May, who is in hospital after suffering a breakdown, has gone mad and threatens her with a solicitor's letter. Ida embarrasses Ken by showing Susan his baby photos. Kids scratch Susan's dad's car and hammer nails in the tyre, leaving her and Ken stuck in Coronation Street until it can be fixed.

Part Two: Linda thinks Ivan will be coming after her. He does so, buying a drink in the Rovers, where Annie tells bus driver and widower Harry Hewitt from No.7 that he ought to marry again and get his young daughter, Lucille, out of the council orphanage. Annie and Harry think they recognise Ivan but can't place him. Ena holds court in the Rovers' snug with Martha and fellow pensioner Minnie Caldwell. Ena recognises Ivan from across the bar. Linda is bored at home and persuades Elsie to go to the Rovers with her. David fixes the tyre while Ken takes Susan to see neighbour Esther Hayes at No.5. They are interrupted by Christine who pours out her troubles about her mother to Esther. Susan embarrasses Ken by making him take her into the Rovers. She gets annoyed at his attitude to his background. Ena is delighted when Linda and Elsie walk in and meet Ivan, expecting trouble between them.


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Elsie Tanner: (Reminiscing about a hotel she visited) "Commissionaire looked at me a bit funny but I just stared him out. I thought, 'Yes Tiddles, you wouldn't be looking so superior if this was 1942 and I was sweeping in with one of my Yankee officers.'"


Ena Sharples: " know sometimes I think I'm just about ready to go off down to that cemetery, but if I had my way I'd just like to go like me mother did."
Martha Longhurst: "Ee, that were a beautiful ending."
Ena Sharples: "Oh, lovely. She just sat up, broke wind and died."

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