Mike returns from Spain, very pleased with himself. Alan is taken in for questioning again. Wendy tells Ken that she's had enough of secrecy and wants to know who and what he wants. She tells him not to call her until he's made a decision. The police interrogate Alan. He swears that he doesn't know where Rita is. Dawn is furious when Mike tells her that he's bought the petrol station in Alcazar which Robert was planning to buy. Maurice Jones sacks Alan as he doesn't want any trouble from the police. When Mike mentions to Deirdre that he saw Ken at the airport, Ken tells Deirdre he was doing an airport passenger survey. Mrs Ramsden tells a shocked Tina that Jamie is Eddie's son.


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  • During a scene in the Rovers, Deirdre Barlow says to Maurice Jones that "Ena Sharples would be turning in her grave" at the idea of people living across the street. The line implies that Ena had passed away at some point after her last appearance in 1980, though it is possible that Deirdre was making an assumption, as Ena would have been ninety years old at the time of this episode. Violet Carson, who played Ena, died on 26th December 1983.
  • TV Times synopsis: Mike Baldwin is back in town with the knowledge of Ken's affair. The police are making it clear that they suspect Alan of murdering Rita. But where is the body?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,050,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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