Mike spends the night with Alma. Jack accuses Tina of flirting with him but she tells him that she's serious about going out with him. Kevin gives Sally driving lessons. Tina accuses Jack of chickening out of their date. He pretends to have a bad back to get the night off to take her out. Alma tells Mike that she's interested in buying a flat in Weatherfield Quays. She asks for his help. Ken tells Deirdre he wishes that they could start again. When she promises not to tell anyone, Ken tells her that his mole is Wendy Crozier.


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  • The scene of Ken Barlow meeting Wendy Crozier was recorded on location at the junction of Byrom Street and St. John Street in Manchester, next to the entrance to St. John's Gardens.
  • TV Times synopsis: Mike Baldwin finds himself in strange surroundings but with familiar company. And Tina calls Jack’s bluff by agreeing to a night out - but will Jack be man enough to fix a date?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,870,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue

Alec Gilroy (making a phone call to try and get someone to book a disappearing hamster act): "No, of course he doesn't really swallow them... Arnold, that act does not the punters off... your sales of chicken in a basket will not plummet... no, no, of course it's not cruel to the hamsters, it's the best animal act since Murphy's Educated Chickens."

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