Bet refuses to move out of the Rovers. Alec insists that she doesn't work behind the bar. Betty is shocked to hear Alec has sacked her. Alma tells Gail that she can cope without her at the cafe if she wants to give work up. Mavis stalls Mr Goodman, the solicitor, over the Kingsley Road house. Derek feels a failure and breaks down in The Kabin. Bet lunches with Rita. Derek agrees to pull out of the house-buying. Following his solicitor's advice, Alec makes the first move to be nice to Bet. He fears that she's had lunch with a man but she doesn't put him right. Alec calls Betty in as a witness. The Gilroys row over her head. Gail tells Ivy that she's returning to work; Nicky doesn't want to be tied to her apron strings. Ivy offers her money to stay at home. Gail refuses it: she's a mother but she also has her own life to lead.


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  • Anthony, the waiter in the restaurant is uncredited, despite having lines of dialogue.
  • The scene of Alec Gilroy walking to Stokes & Co. Solicitors was OB recorded in Bexley Square in Salford.
  • TV Times synopsis: Events at the Rovers have escalated into a crisis, but Alec is in no mood for peace talks. And Mavis is having a hard time trying to convince Derek that they, too, are going through a bit of a sticky patch.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,440,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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