Frank arrives to open the shop and finds Ethel on the doorstep. He gives her written notice which she tears up, shouting at a customer to try and put her off entering the premises. Inside, he nervously listens as she harangues Martha with her views on him. Martha stands up for Frank, saying that he's honest and she'd evict her too. Obviously under Myra's influence, Jerry returns a shirt to Gamma Garments, saying he wants something more "with it". Sheila sends Doreen a card, asking her to pass her love on to everyone. Doreen can't find anyone to flatshare with. Val is with Frank in the shop when George Pickup and his son Jim come in. George drops subtle hints that Frank's premises and shop window are at risk. He gives Frank the rent arrears and offers to pay the increase but Frank has had enough of Ethel and wants to carry on with the eviction. George makes it clear that violence is on the agenda. Carrying on the renovation of No.13, Jerry gets permission from Len for an early lunch and changes into smart clothes. He meets Myra in his new shirt, which she approves of. They go dancing at the Palais De Danse. Doreen's eye is caught by a poster for the Women's Royal Army Corp in a travel agent's window. Jerry is late back from lunch, hurriedly working in his smart suit as he thinks he's in trouble with Len. He and Harry make fun of him being under the thumb. Ethel drives Swindley from the shop when he calls on POPP business. Doreen tells Emily and Swindley that she's leaving to join the WRAC, heavy transport section. Concepta helps Annie staff the bar as Jack has gone bowling. Martha thinks she's being greedy for the money. The Pickups intimidate Frank in the Rovers, knocking his drink and pushing him and Albert from their game at the dart board. Myra tells Jerry they could live in No.13 when they are married, using her dad's money for a wedding present as a deposit. He is shocked to discover she considers them engaged but is then pleased at the thought. She measures up for curtains.


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