Jenny prepares for her joint eighteenth birthday party with Joanne Cresswell at the Mortlake Hotel. Tom Casey tells Kevin that he'd like him to stay on at the garage as manager. Rita goes to the building society and discovers Alan would have needed the deeds to No.7 to mortgage it. Arthur Dabner takes Emily to lunch and she has her hair done specially for the occasion. Rita discovers Alan has photocopied the deeds. Percy is put out that Emily is going out with Arthur. Bet interviews Tina Fowler for the barmaid's job. Before they go to the party, Rita tackles Alan about his fraud. He struggles to keep calm. Jenny phones home when Rita and Alan don't show up at the Mortlake. Rita tells Alan she's contacted the building society and he's finished. She answers the phone but Alan pushes her away, hitting her. Jenny hears Rita's screams over the phone as Alan continues his attack and she gets Martin to quickly drive her home. Alan beats Rita around the room before smothering her face with a cushion. Jenny arrives home to find Rita unconscious with Alan still covering her. He rushes out of the house. Martin gives chase but Alan drives off as an ambulance is called.


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