Vera loves the stone cladding and is upset that nobody else does. Brian's attackers are caught by the police. Wally Simpson asks Alec to take the tour immediately. Bet tells him to go for the money, she'll cope. Gail tells Don that she'll bury Brian as she sees fit; it's nothing to do with Ivy. Ivy feels that it was Gail who killed Brian by driving him out of the house. Mrs Lambert, the social worker, tells Sandra Stubbs that it's against the law for Jason to be left on his own whilst she works at the Rovers. Alec leaves on tour. Alan gives Dawn Prescott more responsibility but tells her that he'll need time to train her. Sandra resigns from the Rovers and moves to her mother's. She rows with Alf for serving Jason with the lager. Alan takes Dawn for a meal. He is shocked when Mike sees them. Ivy asks Gail not to deny her a Catholic burial. They row and she accuses her of killing Brian. Gail tells her that Brian was out with another woman when he was killed.


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  • Final appearance of Sally Watts as Sandra Stubbs.
  • TV Times synopsis: When Alan Bradley makes plans for a 'works outing' it looks as though he could be up to his old tricks again. But the golden rule is not to get caught. And as Gail digs in her heels over Brian's funeral arrangements, Ivy’s accusations unearth more distressing facts about her son's marriage.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 24,260,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue

Jack Duckworth: "If our Vera were goin' to the Middle East for a couple o' month, eh? Wonderful, Betty. I've always said she'd look better with 'er face covered up."

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